During this period, the Strategy of “Tikvesh” was directed to “breaking records” in all production segments. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the year 1984, when, due to the decision to purchase the whole grape harvest from the Tikvesh region, the winery had to use the town’s pool in Kavadarci to temporary store the grapes. During the period, “Tikvesh” significantly increased its production portfolio. It launched the new series of wines “Aleksandrija” which was immediately well received by the customers. “Tikvesh” wines have received numerous awards and recognition for their quality, at all important regional and world fairs and wine competitions. At the same time, the increased grape production quantity required the winery to increase the amount of wine production, which, apart from bottles, had also been placed on the market as keg wine, especially on the markets of former Yugoslavia, and abroad. However, due to the turbulent changes with the disintegration of the Federation at the time, and the deep social and economic changes that followed, “Tikvesh” had to find out new ways how to adjust in order to continue the development.