Our traditional wines are here to help you celebrate and enjoy every occasion with friends and family. Made in the traditional way, they are well-known and regular guests in every home.


These wines have all the folk tales and music embedded in them. Created in the way it has been done for ages, and now using modern technology, proudly displaying our tradition on its labels, they represent a fine reminder of our worldly recognition as a wine country.


Everyday wines from Tikveš exude a timeless appeal. Offering excellent value for money, they serve as a splendid accompaniment to meals, turning ordinary moments into moments of happiness.


Our heritage wines represent our oldest and most recognised wine brands – Alexandria and the beloved “T’ga za jug” (in eng. Longing for the South). These wines are the perfect example of the Macedonian way of winemaking.


The famous Alexandria was “born” in 1979, while the premium blends Alexandria Cuvée were introduced in 2008. With its enchanting aromas and tastes, Alexandria is there for you, whenever you feel seductive, happy and content.


“T’ga za jug” was named after the iconic Macedonian poem “Longing for the South”, and now it lives as our most widely recognised wine brand. “T’ga za jug” harnesses the flavours and body from the most potent red grape variety Vranec and, indeed, it holds the poem within every drop.


The story about Luda Mara continues to live as captured in our wines….
The name of the legendary river which flows through the Tikveš region, famous for its unpredictable force is not accidently the name of our well – known brand line Special Selection. The uniqueness of each of the single variety wines, picked by hand, grape by grape, represents a definition of a rare enjoyment in their especial aromas and tastes, which leads to new horizons…

Wherever it leads…


Our Oak Edition has been made from the finest grapes, aged in new French oak vats, giving them a unique flavour. Preserved with stelvin caps, these wines will always deliver the unspoiled and fresh taste that our winemakers intended.


As tradition would have it, a shot or two of “rakija” is mandatory for welcome, for a good start of a conversation or a meal. This is the most famous Macedonian aperitif, widely recognized far beyond our borders. Whether it is the famous “Yellow”, the “White” or the “VS” aged in oak barrels for 5 years, our range of spirits is the absolute best in the category.

Tikveš Winery