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A new office space in Kavadarci according to ESG standards

In alignment with its commitment to sustainable development and adherence to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards, Tikveš Winery has inaugurated a new office facility in Kavadarci. This contemporary workspace is a harmonious blend of functionality and modern architectural aesthetics, underpinned by sustainable principles. The construction of the office space prioritized ecological and sustainable materials while fully incorporating energy efficiency standards. Renewable energy sources, including a photovoltaic plant dedicated to the winery’s needs, contribute to the facility’s environmentally conscious practices.

The office space design prioritizes spaciousness and comfort, catering to the well-being of employees. An ergonomic interior layout has been implemented, featuring designated areas for breaks, rest, and various amenities to enhance the overall working experience. This investment in a multifunctional business space underscores Tikveš Winery’s dedication to creating an environment that fosters employee health and satisfaction. The total investment for this sustainable and employee-centric business space is one million euros.

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