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Yellow grape brandy – Lozova Žolta – in a package of 0.1 liters

Loyal fans of Tikveš yellow grape brandy – the well known Lozova Žolta Rakija, can also find this product in a 0.1 liter glass bottle, which we launched in order to increase the availability of this popular drink.

With this new bottle, we have kept the attractive appearance of the grape yellow brandy and all the features ensuring the consistent, high quality of the product and safety for our consumers. Accordingly, the 0.1 liter glass bottle has a dispenser, screw cap, as well as a hologram, which is the most advanced technology for protection against counterfeiting and additional confirmation of the original quality of the product.

The new product meets the needs and habits of the consumers and will provide an additional opportunity for enjoyment in this traditional drink.

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