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With its ESG practices, Tikveš among the leading companies at the ESG Adria Summit

From April 24 to 26, 2024, the ESG Adria Summit took place in Tivat, Montenegro, under the inspiring motto “Act now for a sustainable future”. Attended by a diverse array of stakeholders including business leaders, public sector representatives, international organizations, civil society, and sustainability experts, the summit aimed to explore innovative solutions, initiatives, and investments to propel the Adriatic region towards a more sustainable future and advance the ESG agenda.

As the first regional event dedicated solely to sustainable development, the summit served as a platform to foster dialogue and encourage greater accountability within the business sector regarding the practical implementation of environmental protection, social impact and corporate governance standards (ESG). Tikveš was among the companies showcased for their exemplary ESG practices.

Branka Slaveska, the CEO of Tikveš, underscored the winery’s unwavering commitment to sustainability as a core value rather than a mandated obligation. Despite the absence of regulatory mandates or financial incentives for ESG compliance in the wine industry, Tikveš remains dedicated to elevating the level of social responsibility within the industry and leading innovations and modern trends in the region.

Key priorities for Tikveš in ensuring sustainability include the professional development of employees, providing opportunities for advancement and equitable working conditions and offering substantial support for career development. Furthermore, as a gender equality advocate through initiatives such as “Women on Boards Adria” (WOBA), Slaveska highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusivity for enhancing all aspects of company operations and societal development.

In addition to showcasing Tikveš ESG practices, the summit provided an opportunity for distinguished guests from the region and beyond to sample wines from the renowned Luda Mara brand, further exemplifying the winery’s dedication to excellence and sustainability across all facets of its operations.

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