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Wine Vision by Open Balkan 2023 – Žilavka Bela Voda 2022 awarded

At the Wine Vision fair, organized by Open Balkan from November 16 to 19 at the Belgrade Fair, Tikveš achieved significant success. The fair, a prominent event for wine, food, and tourism, saw Tikveš’s Žilavka Bela Voda 2022 receiving a prestigious award.

Tikveš not only showcased its excellent wines but also contributed to the fair’s educational aspect by hosting a masterclass titled “Viticulture in the Digital Age.” This session was led by Professor Alain Deloire from the Agricultural Institute of Montpellier and Giovanni Bigot, a consultant, agronomist, and founder of the renowned viticultural consultancy firm Perleuve, based in Italy. Žilavka Bela Voda 2022 was distinguished as the best wine of an indigenous variety among over 800 samples judged by an international jury.

This accolade highlights Tikveš’s commitment to excellence and its skill in elevating indigenous grape varieties to international acclaim. Tikveš continues to craft wines that reflect the unique terroir of Macedonia and shine on the global stage.

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