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WC “Tikvesh” promoted the new automatic line for bottling wine in glass containers – an investment worth 4.2 million euros

The “Tikvesh” wine cellar continues to raise the standards in the wine industry in the country and the region. A completely new digitalized automatic line for bottling wine in glass containers was ceremonially launched at the winery in Kavadarci. The latest investment of WC “Tikvesh” in modern equipment, created according to the latest technologies in the industry, is worth 4.2 million euros, partially funded through the EIB7 credit line from the European Investment Bank, intended for permanent working capital and support of the green transition. The new automatic wine bottling line has a capacity of 12,000 bottles per hour, which, in addition to improving quality, will accelerate the bottling process to meet market demands.

“Tikvesh’s growth vision is based on excellence in everything we do, on continuous sustainable development, monitoring and implementing global standards and trends in the wine industry, and constant investments. Every industry changes and this process is dynamic and continuous. Our challenge is to always keep up with innovations and to implement them in our operations. This is a fundamental rule in business, to maintain high competitiveness and be on par with the best. Investments are a key player in that process. Today, we proudly present our latest investment in equipment and technology, which meets the newest and most sophisticated standards in our industry. This is just another step towards our goal of maintaining and enhancing the top quality of our products,” stated Svetozar Janevski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of WC “Tikvesh”.

Additionally, the new equipment enables a reduction in C0₂ emissions by about 40% or by 135 tons per year, which is fully in line with sustainability commitments and ESG principles. “Tikvesh” is the first winery in Southeast Europe that has implemented these standards, and recently published the first ESG report.

The mayor of Kavadarci, Mitko Janchev, also attended the promotion of the new investment in WC Tikvesh, and stated: “The wine industry is synonymous with Kavadarci and the entire region. The investments in new technology realized by WC “Tikvesh” are extremely significant, because they contribute to the development not only of the company, but also of the municipality as a whole. Through investments in modern technology, Kavadarci becomes a modern center for wine production, comparable to any region in the well-known wine countries. But even more important is the fact that the company has introduced ESG standards ensuring sustainable development in harmony with the environment and the well-being of the community. Other companies should follow this example.”

The new automatic line for bottling wine in glass containers will further contribute to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the production process. The line uses the latest technologies for automation and digitization, significantly easing the work of employees and further enhancing the control and safety of the final products. The equipment is manufactured by the renowned Italian manufacturers: GAI, MAKRO, APE, ROBINO & GALLANDRINO, and GSA, and will enhance the efficiency and speed of wine delivery to customers.

The installation of the equipment and the entire engineering was carried out by the leading company REC PROSPERO, under whose leadership the assembly was also completed. It is a complex and delicate process that took two years, after which the automatic line for bottling wine in glass containers was successfully put into operation. The company emphasized that the equipment that is now part of the winery is on par with those of other leading wineries worldwide. In addition, WC “Tikvesh” will service and upgrade the existing bottling line, modernizing it for continued use in the winery’s production process in the future.

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