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Vranec World Day

Tikveš Winery took part in the Vranec World Day held third year in a row in the countries where the production of this variety of wine is a tradition.

This year, a series of educational and promotional activities were organized, in order to promote the recognition of Vranec as a wine grape variety and to strengthen the awareness of consumers around the world about wines from our country and the region.

As part of these events, we were hosts to more than 20 world wine critics and journalists, who visited winemakers of the Vranec variety in Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, and participated in the presentation of the best Macedonian wines at “Grand Vin” in Skopje.  Vranec World Day was marked by sharing the Vranec experience with many wine connoisseurs through online master classes and panel discussions, while the wineries participating in the celebration of this day, through their distributors in foreign markets, organized promotions and sale events in several world countries.

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