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„Tikvesh” showcased its cutting-edge practices in front of the participants of the regional Summer Wine School

The professional lecture hosted by Tikvesh winery at the M6 Educational Center focused on contemporary agro-engineering and wine production techniques, innovative viticulture models, and strategies to counteract the impacts of climate change.

This lecture is part of the Summer Wine School held within the International Intergovernmental Initiative for rural cooperation (The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group in South Eastern Europe – SWG), organized with the support of IAK Consulting and the Geisenheim University from Germany. The Summer Wine School welcomed viticulture students, wine industry entrepreneurs, government experts, and professionals in wine production, marketing, and tourism from the host country, as well as from Albania, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Republika Srpska, and Kosovo.

Alexandra Ristova, the head of vineyard management at Tikvesh Winery, discussed the latest contemporary practices in vineyard management. She covered agro-engineering measures to address climate change and advanced protection and control methods. Ristova shared the winery’s experiences in adopting the latest precision viticulture techniques and utilizing modern AI-based digital tools, which significantly enhance the overall quality of producing top wines. She indicated that the use of advanced digital solutions stems from a long-term vision for exceptional vineyard management, implemented with the support of leading viticulture innovation promoter Giovanni Bigot.

Enologist Nikola Kuzmanovski presented on advanced wine production technologies, highlighting the winery’s significant investments in new technology. He also discussed the company’s first organic wine produced from the vineyards in Lepovo.

The professional lecture also featured an address by Svetozar Janevski, President of the Managing Board of Tikvesh Winery. He conveyed to the young participants that success requires a commitment. He emphasized the importance of having a vision and continuously striving to introduce changes and implement innovative solutions. He also noted that Tikvesh will continue to share its experience and knowledge to help strengthen the performance of the regional wine industry.

During this lecture, participants had the chance to learn about the implementation process of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards at Tikvesh Winery. They also gained insights into the steps the winery is taking to become a fully green winery, which would be a first in the region.

In addition to the lecture, the attendees visited the vineyards of Lepovo, and Tikvesh Winery in Kavadarci.

As part of the Summer Wine School, participants will acquire knowledge in viticulture and winemaking, utilizing the latest techniques, innovations, and knowledge available.

The lectures are organized in two modules: International Wine Marketing and Promotion of the wine tourism and Climate change in viticulture and enology.

The Wine Summer School is held from 14 to 18 May 2024.

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