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Tikveš, with Conference support at M6 Educational Center, addresses gender gap

Tikveš Winery’s commitment to overcoming gender inequality resulted in supporting the conference “Women’s leadership – it’s time to break the ‘glass ceiling’ by bridging the gender gap”, which was held on December 21 at the M6 Educational Center.

At this conference, the ever-present topic of gender equality was treated from a different perspective. The speakers, men, women and young people, had the opportunity to openly discuss how society and how each gender and generation treats issues of gender equality.

Mr. Svetozar Janevski, President of the Management Board of Tikveš Winery, addressed the conference, highlighting Tikveš as a positive example without gender discrimination. Notably, he announced that, starting next year, the winery will be led by Branka Slaveska, who shared her rich international experience as one of the panelists.

The conference not only created a unique opportunity for inspirational speeches that have the power to make a difference but also delved into sensitive issues surrounding the gender gap, offering practical solutions to bridge these differences.

In line with Tikveš Winery’s commitment to social responsibility, the event had a humanitarian character, with all funds collected donated to children and young people in the care of SOS Children’s Village.

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