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Tikveš Winery’s Implementation of AI and Digital Solutions in Viticulture to be Highlighted at the AI Tech Summit

Tikveš Winery will showcase its implementation of innovative digital solutions and artificial intelligence in viticulture at the AI Tech Summit. The summit, scheduled to take place in Skopje from September 29 to 30, is organized by TBM Group from the Czech Republic, with M6 Educational Center co-organizing the event.

Renowned speakers from around the globe will present on AI’s transformative role in societies at this eminent summit. The summit will primarily focus on the latest AI trends and their transformative potential across industries and societies.

As a pioneer in the region for employing digital solutions and artificial intelligence in viticulture, Tikveš Winery will share its insights with other industry experts, highlighting the advantages for the wine sector. Among the showcases will be a software application called 4Grapes, designed to monitor each vineyard in real time. This enhances vineyard quality and underscores the benefits of AI in the timely detection of grape diseases, the influence of climate change, and solutions for prompt responses.

Giovanni Bigot, the esteemed founder and agronomist of Perleuve, and a leading figure in precision-based viticulture and AI applications in the field, will join Aleksandra Ristova, Head of Grape Management at Tikveš Winery, in discussing the application of pioneering digital methods and AI in producing top-tier grapes. Giovanni Bigot has been recently collaborating with the Tikveš team on digital tool and software integration.

At the AI Tech Summit, over 20 speakers will present their knowledge and accomplishments to attendees, with discussions segmented into several pivotal areas. A primary topic will be the ethical ramifications of artificial intelligence, an area gaining global attention. Further sessions will delve into AI’s influence on the financial sector, production, the significance of data for AI evolution, AI’s prospective impact on humanity, and the paradigm shift AI is introducing in the legal realm.

The conference will delve into the ethical dilemmas, benefits, challenges, and threats of AI, highlighting its pivotal role in fostering individual and societal well-being.

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