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Tikveš Winery Prioritizes Grower Support and Ensures Timely Payments for High-Quality Grape Production

Tikveš Winery successfully completed payment for the 32.2 million kilograms of grapes – this quantity represents a third of the overall harvest in Macedonia in 2022! – purchased from the last harvest before the legally determined deadline, which falls at the end of April. Payments began immediately after the harvest ended and, as required by law, were made in three consecutive tranches.

“Early and regular payment for the purchased grapes demonstrates the winery’s commitment to fostering a strong partnership with our growers, which is our ongoing strategic focus. This approach enables our partner-growers to prepare their vineyards for the next harvest in a timely and high-quality manner. Producing top-quality grapes and wine is essential for the continued growth and success of Tikveš, as well as for our partners,” said Radoš Vukićević, General Director of Tikveš Winery.

To ensure the quality production of grapes, Tikveš supports growers throughout the year. This support includes various activities, such as expert advice and education on modern agro-technical methods and practices for vineyard cultivation and protection, assistance in procuring production materials at favorable prices, and offering flexible payment methods for the grapes purchased in shorter terms than the legal ones.

Tikveš provides long-term cooperation agreements, guarantees purchase, and offers incentive bonuses for payment of high-quality grapes to those winegrowers who adhere to the guidelines and standards of grape cultivation, ensuring premium wine production.

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