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Tikveš Sets New Standards: Introducing Mobile Wine Bottling Technology in the Macedonian Wine Industry

Skopje, N. Macedonia, May 2nd 2023 – The Tikveš winery has introduced an innovation in the Macedonian wine industry with the launch of mobile wine bottling technology. This technology, a first for Macedonia and the broader Western Balkans region, holds significant potential for enhancing the quality of wines produced by boutique wineries situated within the estates where the grapes are grown.

This milestone in Macedonian winemaking results from Tikveš’ longstanding collaboration with Enotek (Enotech Wine Service), a leading Italian manufacturer of advanced wine bottling equipment. The first wines to be bottled using this state-of-the-art mobile equipment are produced at the Domaine Lepovo estate, home to Tikveš’ namesake boutique winery.

The primary advantage of employing mobile bottling technology and equipment lies in its capacity to bottle wine at the production site, preserving its high quality by eliminating the need for transportation to remote bottling stations. Tikveš’ enologists explain that on-site bottling is crucial to the wine production process, as it maintains the wine’s aroma intensity, extends its lifespan in the bottle, and preserves the freshness and authentic characteristics of the local climate for a longer period.

This innovative mobile bottling technology is one in a series of initiatives spearheaded by Tikveš to continually enhance the production of high-quality wines in line with global standards and the evolving preferences of domestic and international consumers.

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