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Tikveš reveals new identity for its Classic line

Tikveš, in line with current trends and consumer expectations, has unveiled a significant transformation of its “Classic” line of wines. This makeover not only modernizes the line’s appearance but also includes a notable branding change. The “Classic” line will now be marketed under the name Tikveš, symbolizing a new era for these popular wines.

The updated design features sleek, lighter bottles, aligning with Tikveš’s environmental commitment. This switch to lighter bottles is anticipated to reduce carbon emissions by approximately 206 tons annually, underscoring the winery’s dedication to sustainability.

Additionally, the revamped wines are adorned with Stelvin color closures, offering a fresh and striking aesthetic. The labels have been playfully redesigned to celebrate life’s joyful moments, enhancing the appeal to wine enthusiasts.

With sustainable production at their core, these wines represent Tikveš Winery’s continued commitment to creating enjoyable experiences while fostering a more sustainable future. The rebranded Tikveš line is a testament to the winery’s adaptation to modern demands while preserving the quality and heritage of its wines.

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