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Tikveš introduces first wine from certified organic grapes

During this year’s traditional celebration of St. Tryphon—the holiday of growers and winemakers—we unveiled Domaine Lepovo Chardonnay 2021, our first wine produced from certified organic grapes. Starting with the 2021 harvest, all other wines from the Lepovo estate will also be made from organic grapes.

The organic production at the Lepovo estate reflects our commitment to following the most modern global trends in grape cultivation and wine production. It is also an integral aspect of our strategy and activities for sustainable development and green transformation of the winery.

Organic grapes are cultivated under strict regulations that mandate limited use of protective measures and treatments. The organic production certificate guarantees that these wines are made from grapes grown in harmony with nature. Additionally, special oenological procedures have been implemented, such as using wild yeasts that naturally occur on grapes and aging and maturing wine in special concrete tanks and amphorae.

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