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“Tikveš”: Intensive cooperation with winegrowers persists, ensuring the high quality and advancement of viticulture and the wine industry

Through ongoing intensive communication and collaboration, coupled with the implementation of a series of targeted initiatives, Tikveš Winery persists in advancing and fortifying its strategic partnership with winegrowers, the ultimate aim of which is the elevation of grape and wine quality, alongside enhancing viticulture throughout the country.

Within the established platform for strategic cooperation with winegrowers, a new meeting took place today at “Tikveš”, attended by over 150 grape producers from the Tikveš region.

During this event, the latest standards and techniques utilized in the modern approach of precision viticulture were showcased, stemming from data gathered through the established monitoring and digitization system in the viticulture of “Tikveš” and “M6 Agrar”, including the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, alongside insights from other relevant international research.

“We, wine producers, rely on you, winegrowers, but simultaneously, you rely on us. You have in us honest partners who are ready for cooperation. We share with you all the information and knowledge on producing the finest grapes, thus crafting better wines that will sell well and generate profits for both parties. Our shared objective is to become the best possible wine region globally. That’s the sole path we should pursue,” stated Svetozar Janevski, President of the Management Board of Tikveš Winery, to the growers.

At this meeting, the winegrowers were introduced to the latest techniques for establishing and maintaining vineyards, along with managing green pruning. Additionally, they learned about the proper and timely protection of vineyards from diseases and pests, as well as the accurate determination of the required water amount and other practical details crucial for the irrigation process.

All these aspects were discussed by renowned international experts in the field, agronomists Matteo Frandoli and Carlos Lujan from the consulting company Perleuve in Italy, alongside Aleksandra Ristova, Head of Grape Management at “Tikveš”. On this occasion, she underscored: “These techniques and practices, grounded in science, international standards, and data derived from precise measurements, will enable the cultivation of higher quality grapes, which is one of the fundamental prerequisites for producing premium-quality wines, for which our wines are renowned, and which is recognized and sought after by consumers in both the domestic and highly competitive international markets.” Simultaneously, as a leading winery in the country and beyond, through the adoption of modern agronomic techniques and practices, we are actively contributing to the sustainable development of viticulture throughout our country. We firmly believe that this will yield long-term benefits for all stakeholders and foster the growth of the entire domestic wine industry.

In addition to providing education and expert advice on procedures utilized throughout the year, encompassing the cultivation and protection of vineyards, the strategic cooperation platform with growers of “Tikveš” encompasses various other activities. These include offering protective measures at reduced prices, conducting vineyard soil analyses free of charge, and establishing long-term purchase contracts with incentive prices for producers adhering to standards and criteria ensuring the cultivation of high-quality grapes.

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