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Tikveš collaborates with leading global experts to open new chapter in viticulture

In alignment with our strategy to implement ESG standards by the end of next year and position Macedonian wine on the global wine map, we have initiated a partnership with Perleuve, one of the world’s most renowned consulting firms in viticulture, based in Italy. This esteemed company is led by Giovanni Bigot, a world-leading researcher and promoter of viticulture innovations, who also serves as a consultant for top wineries in Italy and other countries.

As part of this five-year collaboration, which is supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Perleuve’s expert team, headed by Bigot, will provide observations and share cutting-edge practices with the Tikveš team for producing healthy, high-quality grapes that yield premium wines.

Tikveš has already established an efficient vineyard monitoring system that gathers data on all significant parameters affecting grape quality. This data is processed in a monitoring software application called 4Grapes, which enables real-time observation of each vineyard’s condition, proving crucial for making timely and accurate decisions in viticulture.

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