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The traditional pruning of Tikveš vineyards for St. Tryphon marks the winery’s adoption of new, progressive practices.

Tikveš Winery celebrated St. Tryphon’s holiday with a ceremonial pruning at vineyards in Lepovo, attracting a diverse group of guests including representatives from various institutions, the diplomatic corps, collaborators of the winery, and winegrowers. This year’s event was notable for introducing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards into the winery’s operations. By adopting these standards, Tikveš distinguishes itself as the only winery in the region integrating such innovative and culturally progressive activities, with a strong emphasis on environmental care, societal impact, and good governance.

Branka Slaveska, the new General Director of Tikveš Winery, welcomed the guests, underscoring Tikveš’ commitment to advancing the wine industry in both the country and the region, thereby serving as an example for other businesses in the sector. ‘Producing quality wine is a fundamental goal at Tikveš. This is achieved through the adoption of modern practices and technologies, the application of scientific knowledge, and most importantly, adherence to the highest operational standards. For us and our colleagues, embracing ESG standards represents not just an opportunity for company growth, but also a chance to make a positive societal impact,’ Slaveska explained. She also highlighted Tikveš’ role as a kind of an ambassador of the state, dedicated to expanding into global markets and enhancing the reputation of Macedonian wine.

Tikveš is focused on transforming into a ‘green’ winery. This transformation includes producing the first organic wine from the Lepovo vineyards, using advanced scientific methods and artificial intelligence to protect the vineyards and ensure high-quality grapes. The winery is also engaged in projects aimed at environmental protection, reducing wastewater, decreasing CO₂ emissions, and investing in renewable energy through the installation of photovoltaic systems. Tikveš shares its knowledge and practices with collaborators and other industry stakeholders.

As a socially responsible company, Tikveš is devoted to minimizing its environmental impact, supporting local communities, and upholding the highest standards of corporate governance.

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