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The sustainable business model of Tikveš presented at a green engineering conference

The Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy – Skopje hosted the First Conference on Green Engineering, Sustainable Materials and Technologies for Circular Economy, GREEN CIRC 2024, which was held on April 22 and 23, 2024. The conference made it possible to exchange new scientific knowledge and research related to green innovations, as well as business models applied in various industries.

Being the pioneering winery in the region to embark on a green transformation journey and adopt ESG standards, Tikveš showcased itself as a prime example of a company leveraging advanced green technologies and practices to ensure sustainable development. Attendees at the conference gained insights into the specific initiatives undertaken by Tikveš aimed at reducing its carbon footprint and safeguarding the environment and natural resources.

The second day of the conference was focused on student participation. Tihomir Kasapinov, the Manager of Quality Control and Project Management at Tikveš, shared the company’s valuable experiences in implementing ESG principles with students from the faculty. The objective was to inspire them to align their actions with sustainable development, recognizing its importance for their careers and the future.

Students had the opportunity to present their innovative ideas aimed at fostering a sustainable future through the revalorization of bio and industrial waste materials. These projects received high praise from professors, as well as representatives from Tikveš, and several other companies dedicated to advancing the green agenda.

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