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The freshness of Barovo

With great pleasure we introduce Sauvignon Blanc Barovo, the first of the wines made from carefully chosen varieties from selected micro-locations, which will enrich the portfolio of Tikveš Châteaux & Domaines this year.

This wine has been created from grapes grown in Barovo, on vineyards located at an altitude of 700 meters, planted on volcanic soil and exposed to more than 200 sunny days throughout the year.

Guided by the knowledge and experience gained in New Zealand and South Africa – the countries that set the standards for wines created by the Sauvignon Blanc variety, our oenologists chose Barovo as an ideal location for growing this variety  and created a distinctive wine with rich flavors and aromas.

Sauvignon Blanc Barovo features crispness and prominent fruity character thanks to the difference between day and night temperatures in Barovo, while the volcanic soil on which the vineyard is planted provides the minerals in the wine. This unique landscape is influenced by the mountainous, Mediterranean and continental climate, which allows a long period of ripening of the grapes and the development of intense aromas and flavors.

Try Sauvignon Blanc Barovo and discover its freshness and extraordinary splendor.

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