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Struga Poetry Evenings in celebration of the 50th anniversary of T’ga za jug

For five decades, a timeless bond has existed between Tikveš, renowned for its best-selling wine T’ga za jug, and the Struga Poetry Evenings. The commemoration of the wine’s 50th anniversary this year is a testament to this enduring connection that began in 1973. At the behest of the festival organizers, Tikveš enologists drew inspiration from Konstantin Miladinov’s poem, naming the special wine T’ga za jug.

In celebration of this milestone, poets recited the poem in all its translated foreign languages, and a special label was crafted, faithfully recreating its original appearance from half a century ago. The partnership between Tikveš and the Struga Poetry Evenings stands as a tribute to Macedonian culture and tradition. This collaboration continues to serve as a source of inspiration for emerging generations of poets and wine enthusiasts, ensuring the enduring legacy of both art and wine.

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