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Skopje Jazz Festival: Harmony of unforgettable music and excellent wine

At the 42nd edition of the Skopje Jazz Festival, held from October 19 to 22, 2023, visitors had the exclusive opportunity for a tasting experience featuring the white and red wines Vršnik, crafted from grapes cultivated on the site bearing the same name.

As a longstanding supporter of this highly esteemed festival, renowned in both Europe and on the global stage, Tikveš showcased its commitment by providing specially labeled wines tailored for the event. Alongside the captivating performances by celebrated jazz musicians, participants had the unique opportunity to witness the creation of artistic designs on wine glasses. By sharing these creative moments on social networks, visitors had the chance to receive one of these personalized wine glasses as a thoughtful gift. The Skopje Jazz Festival once again merged the harmonies of unforgettable music with the excellence of Tikveš wines.

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