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New premium wine – Viognier Bela Voda

In order to offer our consumers a great variety and an opportunity to enjoy drinking premium wines which reflect the uniqueness of the locations where the grapes come from, we have introduced the wine Viognier Bela Voda within the brand platform Tikveš Châteaux & Domainеs.

The grapes for production of Viognier Bela Voda are grown in specific climate conditions that enable the development of rich aromas and flavours.

Viognier is a popular variety for production of aromatic wines with distinctive silky texture that are exceptionally drinkable and fresh. That is why our new wine of this variety is perfect for the upcoming warmer period.

Viognier Bela Voda is a fresh wine with lemon, apricot and vineyard peach flavours, with a creamy texture and a harmonic finish. It combines easily with seafood or lighter meat – chicken, turkey or pork cooked in a creamy sauce, seasoned with aromatic herbs.

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