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Magical Wine&Dine cabaret Show in Skopje

On November 14, 2023, the Marriott Hotel in Skopje hosted a memorable Wine&Dine cabaret show, a collaboration between Tikveš and the Marriott Hotel. The event featured the Marriott culinary team, led by Kiril Stavrev, which created dishes perfectly paired with Tikveš’s exclusive wines. The evening was further enriched by performances from top Serbian dancers and singers, who presented a captivating cabaret program.

A highlight of the event was an auction of two archival Tikveš wines – the 1970 Tikveš Semillon and the 1989 Tikveš Macedonia Royal Reserve. These rare wines added to the exclusivity of the evening, providing guests with a chance to own a piece of wine history. The Wine&Dine cabaret show was a testament to Tikveš’s dedication to creating extraordinary experiences for wine lovers and hedonists.

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