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Gold Medals for “Tikveš Châteaux & Domaines” at a Prestigious Competition in France

Two wines from “Tikveš Châteaux & Domaines” were awarded gold medals in the competition organized by the renowned French magazine “Terre de Vins” (Land of Wines). In a competition featuring almost 2,000 wines, primarily from France, experienced evaluators, including sommeliers, wine merchants, enologists, importers, etc., awarded a gold medal to the white wine “Fontaine du Sud 2023” and the rosé wine “Mistral au Jardin 2023”.

These two wines are produced at the French winery “Château de Gourdon,” which is a part of “Tikveš Châteaux & Domaines.” “Château de Gourdon” is situated in the Rhône River Valley, one of the most renowned wine regions in France.

“Terre de Vins” is the leading magazine in France specializing in wine, wine tourism, and the art of living. It caters to both wine professionals and enthusiasts alike, serving as a guide of sorts within the wine industry. The magazine aims to bridge the gap between wine producers and consumers, with its awards serving as recommendations that significantly influence the positioning of wines in the French market.

The award-winning wines are the result of the expertise and the work of the enological teams at both “Tikvesh” and “Château de Gourdon”, who meticulously oversee their production. Leveraging the experience of “Tikvesh” enologists, wines crafted at the French winery have consistently garnered top honors at prestigious competitions, including the one organized by the esteemed magazine “Terre de vins”.

The recent accolades further solidify the exceptional quality of “Tikveš Châteaux&Domaines” wines, adding to the impressive tally of over 100 awards and accolades earned annually by the winery at renowned international wine competitions.

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