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Experience the unique essence of Babuna wines

Babuna, situated in the Veles vineyard near the Vardar and Babuna rivers, has been carefully selected by Tikveš to craft wines of unparalleled quality within the premium segment. Joining the ranks of Barovo, Lepovo, and Bela voda, Babuna emerges as another exceptional terroir under the umbrella of Tikveš Châteaux & Domaines.

Enthusiasts of fine wine can indulge in both Babuna white and red wines. The Babuna white wine is an exquisite blend of Albariño, Chardonnay, and Viogner varieties. Renowned for its refreshing character, it boasts prominent notes of citrus fruits and stone fruits. Ripe lemon, grapefruit, and green plums harmoniously come together, culminating in a well-balanced finish. Meanwhile, the red wine, Babuna, crafted from the Plavec, Vranec and Syrah varieties, is characterized by its full body and a captivating aroma of blackberry, cherry, and plum. Its flavor profile includes hints of black cherry, aronia, and black currant, concluding with a delightful lingering touch of spices.

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