Wine Wisdom

The team of oenologists at Tikveš Winery is a mix of international and domestic experience, youth and wisdom, tradition and contemporary winemaking techniques. The team’s utmost goal is to craft, with joint endeavours, premium wines that bear the recognizable label of Tikveš.

We believe that a wine reflects its place of origin, not only by the specific terroir, but also by the authentic character and style nurtured during the production process. Our team of oenologists knows that making a high-quality wine begins with grape selection, whereby its quality and origin are strictly controlled. The state-of-the-art winemaking technology allows us to maintain this quality up until the moment when it reaches our consumers.

The recognizable label of Tikveš also implies an ability to combine local and international grape varieties, in order to craft a wine that will have a unique and memorable flavour. The micro-vinification process allows us to use grape berries of highest quality and to retain the best traits of the variety and locality. The use of oak barrels (barrique) for fermentation and aging of the wine is another crucial method which enables the oenological team at Tikveš to build and maintain the unique character of our wines.

This approach will undoubtedly have a long-term effect on the development of Macedonia’s winemaking industry, an obligation and intention Tikveš has as the industry’s leader, as bearer of the epithet ‘world’s most innovative winery’ and as pioneer of changes and of the growth of Macedonia’s wine industry.

Field research, investments in modern production technology, new product development, contribution from top domestic and foreign wine experts are some of the steps which help us set standards. These standards determine the successfulness of Macedonia’s winemaking industry and pave the way so that Macedonia can assume its place on the world stage as a prominent winegrowing region.