In wine there is truth, but also there is something more to it. Our ancestors, as well as modern science say that wine holds something very significant for the health of people.

Vast amount of research confirm the wholesome effect of quality wine to the health of people, consumed in moderation of course. The wine has more than 1,000 ingredients, most of which are proven to have positive health benefits. The beneficial effect of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals contained in the quality wines are manifold. Moderate consumption of wine prevents cardiovascular disease, lowers total cholesterol, improves cognitive abilities, increases immunity and resistance to disease … Our ancestors were aware of these and many other beneficial effects of wine. Numerous folk tales, tips, recipes in which wine is recommended as an effective cure for many medical conditions, significantly contributed to the reputation of a beneficial drink that wine undoubtedly has.

In order to further strengthen the strong bond between quality wine and health, an important part in the communication platform “Values of Wine” we dedicate to the theme “Wine and Health”. Our goal is to promote scientifically confirmed facts about the beneficial effects on the health of moderate consumption of wine, and we offer support to new research that will deepen the knowledge in this area. Our inspiration remains the fact that a glass of good wine is a glass full of health!

Beneficial compounds found in wine
Presence of beneficial compounds in Tikveš wines