Welcoming addresses

Светозар Јаневски, Претседател на УО на ВВ „Тиквеш“

Svetozar Janevski

Chairman of Tikveš Winery Board of Directors

Dear visitor,

Wine is more than just an ordinary product. Every wine tells a story about the soil, sun and wind – about the country of its origin. Wine is a story that imparts the energy of the people involved in its creation.

Tikveš Winery has been narrating Macedonia’s story as a winemaking country ever since 1885. Our goal is to turn this story into a best-seller by positioning Macedonia’s Finest to the top, regionally as well as globally. We see Tikveš becoming one of the most important players in the European and global winemaking industry and we invest all our energy in order to meet this long-term objective.

We are prepared to reveal the authenticity of our region and tell the world a unique winegrowing story. We are ready to change the market and habits of consumers from around the world. This is a characteristic of any company that aspires to reach the top.

Every company’s growth should be based on sustainability as a key principle. Fully aware of this, we treat nature and the people who are part of our story with respect. We remain attentive to every detail, as details make our story even more beautiful.

And finally, we do not forget to enjoy at the end of each day. Wines are crafted with pleasure and are made for pleasurable moments.

Enjoy „Macedonia’s Finest“.

Игор Илиевски, Генерален директор на ВВ „Тиквеш“

Igor Ilievski

Tikveš Winery CEO

Dear visitor,

Reaching consumers worldwide is a challenge we have set for ourselves. Catering to the tastes of the most finicky consumers from around the world is our motivation.

Tinkering with flavours is an ever exciting game. We are continually dedicated to crafting new, unique flavours that will not only meet the needs of consumers, but will also go one step further and create new habits. Blending indigenous, local varieties with internationally distinguishable varieties is one of our strongest weapons, a trump card that has already positioned us on the global winemaking map as an important player.

The abovementioned authentic combination of flavours directly reflects the outstanding synergy between the local winemaking tradition and the world experiences of our team at Tikveš Winery.

Our team at Tikveš is deeply dedicated to creating a globally recognizable brand. Our determination is to manage the complete process of bringing the product to the market – from our wine leaving the winery up until it reaches the end consumers, wherever they may be. This keeps us in an excellent shape, which is essential when the goal is high – to position Macedonia’s Finest on the global map.

And if a brand implies an added value that makes a difference, then our added value is the love we put into making each drop of wine.