Wine & Dine events in the region

Tikveš premium wines were presented to foreign consumers in the region as part of the series of events Wine&Dine organized in Sofia, Zagreb and Belgrade. Our premium wines, little less known to consumes in the region were presented by Peter McCombie, Master of Wine, one of the only 369 professionals of the kind in the world. He is a figure of authority in the wine industry and accepts to present wines he deems good and with high quality. That is why his recommendation has special meaning and carries weight.
He led guests to these events in Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia through combinations of food and wine, chosen to present in the best light the Tikveš wines. Peter is the most famous of the Masters of Wine, a judge at the international wine competition IWC in London and Wine & Spirit Education Trust Accredited Tutor. As a top wine expert with exquisite knowledge of different aspects of wine and the wine industry and a rich experience as a consultant for many hotels and restaurants, Peter McCombie is important for the promotion of our wines and has a great contribution in the popularization of the Tikveš brand as a brand for high-end wine.