• 1920: Instruments that measure the strength and quality of grapes
  • 1948: Tikveš Winery's original facilities
  • 1956: Tikveš Winery's first semi-automatic wine filling machine
  • 1957: Josip Broz Tito visiting Tikveš Winery, May 28th, 1957
  • 1970: Celebration of St. Trifun, the patron saint of grape growers
  • 1973: The wine T’ga za jug, in honour of Struga Poetry Evenings, is crafted
  • 1980: One of the best harvests in the history of Tikveš Winery. A convoy of trucks, tractors and cars are waiting for the unloading of the grape
  • Tikveš Winery is on the list of the world’s 100 emerging brands, complied and published by M&M Global
  • 1885
  • 1920
  • 1928
  • 1948
  • 1956
  • 1957
  • 1970
  • 1973
  • 1980
  • today


The wine producing tradition in Macedonia and the Tikvesh region is centuries long. Since the times of the Roman Empire it has been written that Macedonia produces amazingly powerful wines with scent of the south, the taste of songs and laughter of the people living in this region. Countless hardworking and skillful wine-growers from the past and present have been part of the birth of that long wine producing tradition of our country, especially in the region of Tikvesh. It is especially Winery “Tikvesh” which contributed immensely in the creation, fostering and promotion of the tradition in the country and all around the world. The supreme wines which are the result of the perfect synergy of the earth, the sky, the sun, and the best grapes from the Tikvesh region, along with the latest technology and knowledge of the wine-masters, proudly belong to "Tikvesh” and the Tikvesh region, which, since 1885 has been the symbol of the centuries long tradition in Macedonia.

1885: In the period at the end of XIX and the beginning of the XX century, the region of Southeast Europe was swirling in intensive political and social and economic changes. Some of these changes started to awaken the entrepreneurship spirit of individuals and distinguished families in the Tikvesh wine region, who saw the potential for development and commerce it offered, and they started to establish wineries producing quality wines in bottles clearly labeling the geographic origin of the wine. This was the first time the centuries long tradition was given a name which generically connected with the region of origin, i.e… "Tikvesh”. The first time “Tikvesh” was mentioned in a written document was exactly in this period, to be more exact, the year 1885, which is considered the year when organized production and sales of wine first started in Macedonia.

1914: The occurrence of the phylloxera disease almost completely destroyed authentic varieties of grapes, such as: Zilavka (vitis vinifera), Stanushina, Dimiat (Plovdina) Belerce, Sivjak… causing a devastating blow to the wine-producing industry widely in the region. However, the wine-growers and wine-producers from the Tikvesh region united and brought the American hybrid grape varieties which revived wine-producing in the Tikvesh region.

1930-1940: The period when the wine production in the Tikvesh region was intensified. “Tikvesh” started to be recognized on the Balkans and broader, and the products of the Tikvesh wine region were sold in Serbia, Albania, Northern Greece, Turkey, Egypt and other countries worldwide.

1946-1948: The State adopted the Law on Nationalization of private property. In order to increase the production of grapes, wine and brandy, the State established a company which involved all nationalized properties, vineyards, and wine cellars of renowned wine-growing families: Adzilazovi, Velkovi, V'ckovi, Grozdanovi, Danovi, and other. Naturally, this State-owned wine-producing company was named "Tikvesh". Afterwards was when the construction of a modern winery started with manifold increased capacity.

1952-1969: The State Company “Tikvesh” went through numerous organization and integration processes. Agro combine “Tikvesh” was created by merging several smaller agricultural holdings. The wine cellar that it had became the biggest winery in Southeast Europe.

1956: The Wine Archives of “Tikvesh” was established as the chronicler of excellent vintages. Thousands of old bottles carefully storage in this special room in the wine-cellar in Kavadarci bear witness of such excellent vintages. The Wine archive was created upon proposal of Josip Broz Tito, who after visiting “Tikvesh” was convinced that the Winery should store old wines from the best vintages, according to the example of the renowned world wine-producers.

1973: The creation of the wine “T’ga za jug” (Longing for the South) in honor of the festival “Struga Poetry evenings” which every year is the place of gathering of the most renown poets of the world. On the occasion of one of the visits of the poets to the winery, they had proposed that wine made in their honor be given the name “T’ga za jug”, according to the poem with the same name by the renowned Macedonian poet, Konstantin Miladinov. Because of its refined taste nourished for years and the authentic story stirring emotions and associations with the warmth and beauty of Macedonia, in addition to becoming popular on the domestic market, this wine, became also popular in the countries of the region.

1978: After the manifold increase of the capacity for storage and aging of the wine, the new central production plant was constructed and commissioned, which provided bottling through an automatic filling line with the capacity of 6.000 bottles per hour.

1980-1990: During this period, the Strategy of “Tikvesh” was directed to “breaking records” in all production segments. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the year 1984, when, due to the decision to purchase the whole grape harvest from the Tikvesh region, the winery had to use the town’s pool in Kavadarci to temporary store the grapes. During the period, “Tikvesh” significantly increased its production portfolio. It launched the new series of wines "Aleksandrija" which was immediately well received by the customers. “Tikvesh” wines have received numerous awards and recognition for their quality, at all important regional and world fairs and wine competitions. At the same time, the increased grape production quantity required the winery to increase the amount of wine production, which, apart from bottles, had also been placed on the market as keg wine, especially on the markets of former Yugoslavia, and abroad. However, due to the turbulent changes with the disintegration of the Federation at the time, and the deep social and economic changes that followed, “Tikvesh” had to find out new ways how to adjust in order to continue the development.

2003: The investment group “M6” purchased “Tikvesh” winery, and started a great investment cycle for complete modernization of the winery. Special attention was given to promotion of the production process as a whole, from grape-growing, harvesting, until obtaining the final product. The overall development strategy was directed to increasing wine quality. They started investing in broadening the production portfolio, by introduction of new wines, such as Special Selection and Aleksandria cuvee, and then well renowned and broadly recognized wines of “Tikvesh” winery became part of the “Classic” series.

2008: The comprehensive investments in “Tikvesh” winery generate results and receive broad international verification. On the „Wine Innovation Forum“ in Paris, “Tikvesh” brand was proclaimed one of the 30 most innovative wine brands in the world.

2010: Launching the new series “terroir” wines “Bela voda” and “Barovo” produced by own strictly controlled vineyards. These wines have been named according to the micro-regions where the vineyard is located, and according to their characteristics, as regards the climate and soil, they provide excellent conditions for growing grapes and production of top quality wines. These wines bear the signature of the renowned enologist and wine consultant Philippe Cambie, whose knowledge and long experience is helping "Tikvesh" in its continuous improvement of the wine and in the creation of new sophisticated wines and blends.

2011: One of the most world renowned wine critics Robert M. Parker graded the wine “Bela voda” with 94 points for the vintage of 2010. With this exceptionally high grade, Parker ranked this red “terroir” wine of “Tikvesh” winery among the top quality and most valued wines in the world. Up to that period, “Bela voda” 2010 was the first wine from Macedonia and the region valued by a renowned world critic. In 2014, Parker repeated the high grades for the wines “Bela voda" from three consecutive vintages, and also the wines "Barovo" were also highly graded.

2014: “Tikvesh” winery started a new chapter of its development. Launching of the first wine from the exclusive series produced in the new, small (boutique) winery “Domen Lepovo”. The overall production process for these exclusive wines is conducted at the same plantation where the vineyard is located, which according to its characteristics is ideal for growing grapes and production of refined wine of excellent quality. Eight wines of the "Tikves" Wine cellar received high 93, 94, 95 / 100 points from the world famous wine critic Robert Parker and the team of The Wine Advocate.

2015: At the most popular world wine competitions, the wines of “Tikvesh” winery have won more than 50 awards, recognitions and high rankings by world renowned critics. This proves the epithet of "Tikvesh" winery as the most awarded winery in the country, and widely in the region.

2017: Year when "Tikves" broke its own record in received awards on the most renewed world wine competitions, reaching the number of 60 awards and recognitions and once again confirming the epithet 'the most awarded winery' not only in our country, but also in the region.