Ethical profile

Being a part of the elite group at the Wine Innovation Forum is more than a privilege, it also entails an enormous responsibility. By observing the principle of ‘Ethical approach to wine’, Tikveš Winery undertook a commitment to respect the obligations of responsible brands whose purpose is to create an added value which will be passed on to the entire wine industry, by bearing in mind the broader needs of society.

To us, ethical conduct means responsibility and righteous behaviour toward all participants in the winemaking industry, as well as commitment to sustainable growth which means observing the highest possible standards in all business segments.


We firmly believe that all responsible brands should recognize the needs of employees, partners, consumers and all of those who are in contact with the brands in any way. Their needs are an integral part of our all activities. We make sure that our employees enjoy the best working conditions, by taking care about their safety and health. Vine-growers receive the necessary support and advice so that they can produce grapes of highest quality, which on the other hand, means added value for them and greater valorisation of their own efforts and the efforts of their families. We make sure that consumers stay informed about the harmful effects of excessive alcohol use and we actively advocate moderate and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. Our marketing strategies, advertisements and overall business communication are guided by ethical principles and contain messages for responsible alcohol consumption. This is, in fact, the guiding principle on which we base our long-term commitment to advance the wine culture, inter alia, via programs for education of the partners, collaborators and consumers.


We base our growth on the principle of sustainability, not only within the company, but also at wider societal level. All vineyards in ownership of Tikveš Winery and the largest part of vineyards owned by our contractors have a Global GAP Certification on sustainable growth, environment protection, clean water and air, protection of the surrounding flora and fauna and treatment of hazardous waste. We are devotedly working on reducing energy and water consumption, whereas using renewable energy is among our highest priorities. In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (so called carbon footprint), we use lightweight bottles for all our wines, thinner carton without partitions and screw-capped bottles as much as possible. Tikveš is one of the founders of the Macedonian association of manufactures that collect packaging waste (boxes, glass, PVC).

Another verification of our commitment to environment protection and sustainable growth is having acquired the highest international standards in this area, such as ISO 14001.