Vision and values

„Goal without mission cannot be accomplished, destination without vision cannot be reached, guiding tenets cannot exist without values.“

Our vision

As a stronghold in the regional wine market, we pursue the goal of becoming an active participant in the global wine industry, set trends and new standards in the production, sales and promotion of wines.

Our mission

We make and promote authentic and quality products which bear the distinguishable label of Tikveš Winery. We strive to fully meet our consumers’ expectations and keep creating pleasurable and memorable moments.

Our values

Our values determine our commitments, define the business processes, guide our decision-making, and establish our conduct at work – with co-workers, business partners, consumers, suppliers and the broader community. Our values are the soul of our company. They are essential and unwavering:



We believe in high-quality standards which we apply to all our business processes. Quality is an indisputable requirement when it comes to the products and services we offer.

Market orientation


We continually follow the needs and expectations of our consumers and clients. They are in the centre of each our activity and are the basis for our future business proposals and solutions.



To us, professionalism and professional conduct imply building personal and professional integrity and credibility, completing our duties and obligations in a responsible, timely and quality manner, as well as loyalty to the company and its objectives.



We believe that only with mutual cooperation and assistance, we can accomplish our common goals, maintain sound business relations with our partners and create greater value and benefit for all concerned parties: consumers, shareholders, business partners, suppliers and the local community.



We are truly passionate when it comes to our products and our company and emphasize their advantages on any given occasion. We are constantly investing in the education of consumers and clients and aspire to take the art of winemaking to new heights.



By fostering open and honest communication and respect, we build trust in the company, its products and employees. We thus ensure long-lasting partner relations with consumers and clients.

Social responsibility


We act as an integral part of our broader surroundings by taking care about the community in which we live and work and by providing support for its wellbeing.



We advocate and aim to provide a healthy working environment where employees have conditions to acquire new skills and knowledge, exchange experiences and ensure personal and professional growth. We believe there is always room for improvement and we incentivize changes for better, as we deem that these changes lay the groundwork for the progress of our employees and our company.