Wine has a worldwide reputation of a noble drink. Among other things, its popularity is due to numerous scientific studies that have proven that wine contains a number of compounds, such as antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, which have a positive impact on the health and lives of people. Experts are adamant that quality wines, exactly because of their features and ingredients, are an inevitable part of modern lifestyles and habits that are based on healthy diet and physical activity. Of course, the desired benefits from the consumption of wine can be felt only if consumed responsibly.


Wine in Macedonia has the status of national pride. It is due to the centuries-old tradition of producing this noble drink in our region. And because of this, the interest and ambition of Tikves to initiate the communication platform “Wine values” is quite natural, as its main objective is the dissemination of scientifically confirmed facts asserting that superior Macedonian wines have high concentrations of organic compounds that have a positive impact on health, as well as many unique features that perfectly fit into modern lifestyles.


A series of different activities will be realized within this communication platform that will confirm and promote the inseparable bond of quality wine and health, diet and lifestyle. The platform will not only promote all wine values, but will also contain an educational component. Activities will be implemented through cooperation and partnership with all organizations, institutions and individuals who have something to say about the values of wine, especially the advantages of quality Macedonian wine, thus we will all contribute to its promotion and verification in the country and around the world.


Information related to the “Wine values” platform will be available on our website and the Tikves Winery social media profiles. Follow us.